Important note

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Trichlorethylene, classified as particularly alarming by the European Chemical Agency ECHA and therefore placed on the SVHC (SubstancesofVery High Concern) candidate list, was officially included in Appendix XIV of the REACH legislation on 17.04.2013. This has far-reaching effects for the manufacturers and users of products containing TRI:

  • After the deadline of 21.0 4.2016 stipulated in Appendix XIV, products that contain TRI in a concentration of over 0.1% can no longer be used in open applications.
  • Products affected in this way that cannot be used before the stipulated date must be disposed of before the deadline.
  • The band is limited to open applications because, for example, when adhesives or cleaning agents that contain TRI are used, the release of the TRI cannot be prevented.
  • Companies that possess an authorization issued by the ECHA are exempted from this ban.