Important note

Please be informed that the content of the website www.rtt‐tri‐ ‐ especially its legal provisions ‐ is only binding for the states in the European Union (EU).

REMA TIP TOP not only has a broad portfolio of products that offers outstanding TRI-free alternatives for almost any area of use, but also possesses a growing body of expert knowledge that we will happily make available to you.


The most important information and documentation for the changeover to TRI-free products can be found below on this website. And, of course, our experts will be happy to advise you personally. REMA TIP TOP is your competent partner for the changeover.


What do I have to consider when exiting?
The replacement products contain different solvents. When applying, the following points in particular must be taken into consideration:

  • Airing characteristics (drying times)
  • Flammability (application and storage)
  • Apply sparingly
  • Avoid premature evaporation
        (cover containers and wrap brushes)
  • Lower consumption
        (due to lower density)