Important note

Please be informed that the content of the website www.rtt‐tri‐ ‐ especially its legal provisions ‐ is only binding for the states in the European Union (EU).

Following its policies regarding chemicals, the European Union has issued a ban on the use of trichlorethylene (TRI) in open applications. The ban on using TRI in Europe comes into effect on 21.04.2016. By this date, all stocks must either be used or disposed of.

REMA TIP TOP is prepared for this and already offers TRI-free alternatives for almost all applications. For this reason, REMA TIP TOP will cease production of products containing TRI at its Poing facility on31.03.2014 – more than two years before the official deadline.

Use the coming months to change both your customers and yourselves over to TRI-free products in good time. You will find a great deal of information regarding the changeover on this website. And, of course, we will be happy to advise you personally.